Dog walking services provided by Soggy Doggy Premier Pet Services is one of the best dog walking and care services available, we can collect and deliver your dog in safety and comfort in our pet transporter, we can offer a one on one walking service or an interaction walking service with up to three other dogs at a time.


Whether you are working, away from home, restricted for time during the day or your dog just has too much energy and requires additional exercise, we can give you peace of mind that your dog will be happy and safe, with caring and experienced handlers in an environment that they will enjoy in safety.


Our commitment to your dog and you, is to create an atmosphere where all our canine charges are relaxed, happy and getting the most out of their time with us, we do this by taking each dogs needs into consideration by recognizing that each dog is an individual and has their own specific needs and requirements and we can tailor walking and care sessions accordingly.


Our commitment is based on our vast experience and we understand that some dogs will want to walk more, some dogs will want to play more, some dogs will want more attention and some dogs will require specific care, all of this will be discussed and agreed before we commit to taking charge of your dog.


Dog walking and care timescales can be flexible and tailored to your requirements by pre booking, as we can combine dog walking sessions with day care, so for example if you are away for a day and your dog needs collection, one or more walks plus day care in-between and then delivered back to your home, this can be agreed and arranged.


The cost:

Please call us to discuss in detail, as each pet and their owner’s requirements are different and we will tailor a package to suit, on 01749 347901

Dog Walking